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Lea Duck

creative Mind with a NerdY Soul

I am a graphic designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I love what I do. I hope it shows. My obsession with design (and fantasy) started long ago when I was four years old at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Now, I wasn’t a child prodigy already attending college, but rather, here my mother was a professor of graphic design. I always looked forward to the days she would take me with her to work. I had full run of the Art Lab, and that is where I started creating. I am now following in my mother’s duckprints.


I hold a Bachelor’s Diploma in Arts from Vancouver Island University, and even though I have graduated, I haven’t stopped my pursuit of learning. I continually take online courses to keep up with the forever-growing graphic field. Plus, with a retired University Instructor as my mentor/mother, I have access to years of knowledge and experience. My background in traditional arts, drawing, painting and digital, allow me to push my limits with creativity.


Outside of design, I like to keep myself busy. I spend  my evenings practicing Kung Fu, and one day I hope to have a black belt. If there is snow on the mountains, you can expect me to be up on a local hill over the weekends. In the summer, you can find me on an unexplored trail, usually accompanied with my camera. I have long considered myself a nerd and always enjoy sitting down to a good game of Dungeons and Dragons or other various board games.



Lea from Produckions Creative is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is efficient with her time, prompt with her deliveries and strategic yet creative with her thinking. She has a keen ability to evaluate each client's objectives and audiences, and produce pieces that are targeted, relevant and designed to inspire and generate awareness and action.